UX Portfolio Essentials (Video training)

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Are you looking to land more job opportunities? My 10-chapter video course will teach you how to create a strong UX portfolio that really works for you.

Important: The course will launch by end of January 2020. Until launch, I'll be rolling out the videos according to this content schedule. If you are happy with this, please use the code earlybird for 50% off any of the product options. This early bird discount will not be available following the launch. You receive it for being supportive and patient.

I've been developing the content of this course for several years. I have honed it through personal workshops and mentoring sessions across the USA and Europe. I am so glad to finally be able to start sharing it more widely.

Watch the rough cut of the first video chapter above.

Course content

  • The UX Portfolio: Much-maligned and misunderstood - DONE
  • Capturing your stories - DONE
  • Understanding your audience - DONE
  • Designing for busy people - DONE
  • Planning your portfolio - DONE
  • Introducing yourself (The introduction, About me, etc.) - DOING!
  • Storytelling with case studies - DOING!
  • Completing the picture (Additional elements you can add to your portfolio)
  • Dealing with common constraints (Limited work history, Non-disclosure agreements, etc.)
  • Evaluating your portfolio

If you sign up for early-bird access, you'll have the opportunity to be the first to see these videos and provide feedback.

Tools (Product options 2 and 3 only)

  • Portfolio Planner Canvas (PDF) - helps you outline your portfolio. (DONE)
  • Case Study Canvas (PDF) - helps you outline a case study. (DONE)
  • UX Portfolio template (Keynote/PowerPoint) (DONE)
  • UX Portfolio checklist (PDF) - helps you evaluate your UX portfolio. (DOING!)

Purchasers of product option 3 will be invited to a Slack channel that I (Ian Fenn) will actively participate in. If you want my feedback on an aspect of your portfolio, this is a good way.

About the instructor - Ian Fenn

Thousands of designers have obtained work after following my advice or using my tools. Some say I invented the UX portfolio. It would be more accurate to say that I created a style of UX portfolio that has worked effectively for UX designers and researchers ever since I debuted it publicly in 2012. Since then, I've continued to research hiring manager needs and presented my findings at conferences such as SXSW, Big Design, and CanUX. You can find more information about me at https://uxportfolio.design/

Weren't you writing a book about this?

I was, and still am. It's late because I hit the perfect storm of illness, relationship and career instability, and quite a lot of imposter syndrome. This course is a way of testing much of the book content before committing it to print. I will get it done.

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UX Portfolio Essentials (Video training)

3 ratings
I want this!